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Online Mock-Test for Engineering/MCA Students 2019-2020

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  • Kreeti’s mock test contains a series of 5 tests in an order.
  • The mode of the test would be online.
  • The mock tests series would be conducted in the scheduled manner, one followed by the other as shown in the table.
    Round 1: April - May
    Aptitude Test 1 Logical Test 1 Coding Test 1 Test of Corporate Ethics 1
    Questions 60 60 30 60
    Marks 60 60 30 60
    Duration 45 mins 45 mins 20 mins 45 mins
    Round 2: June - August
    Aptitude Test 2 Logical Test 2 Coding Test 2 Test of Corporate Ethics 2
    Questions 60 60 30 60
    Marks 60 60 30 60
    Duration 45 mins 45 mins 20 mins 45 mins
  • The mock test series is completely free of cost.
  • The mock tests would cover a wide range of syllabus including aptitude, Logical, Coding and Corporate ethics
Date Day Test Time for the test (24 hrs format)
21st July, 2019 Sunday Aptitude Test 12:15 - 14:16

Colleges Associated for this program 2020 - Pass out

Colleges Associated for this program 2019 - Pass out

Students from the following colleges are also participating

  • Jalpaiguri Government Engineering College, Jalpaiguri, West Bengal
  • Kalyani Government Engineering College, Nadia, West Bengal
  • MCKV Institute of Engineering, Howrah, West Bengal
  • Government College of Engineering and Ceramic Technology, Kolkata, West Bengal
  • Jadavpur University, Jadavpur, West Bengal
  • Gandhi Institute for Technology, Bhubaneswar, Odisha
  • Future Institute Of Engineering And Management, Kolkata, West Bengal
  • Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology, Burla, Odisha
  • Camellia Institute of Technology, Kolkata, West Bengal
  • Academy Of Technology, Hooghly, West Bengal
  • CET, Bhubaneswar, Odisha
  • Pailan College Of Management & Technology, Kolkata, West Bengal
  • Dr. C. V. Raman University, Chhattisgarh
  • Synergy Institute of Engineering & Technology, Dhenkanal, Odisha
  • Narula Institute of Technology, Kolkata, West Bengal
  • Deogiri Institute of Engineering and Management Studies, Aurangabad
  • G. H. Patel College of Engineering and Technology, Vallabh Vidhyanagar, Gujarat
  • Government Engineering College, Jhalawar, Rajasthan
  • Supreme Knowledge Foundation Group of Institutions, Kolkata, West Bengal
  • Aliah University, Kolkata, West Bengal
  • Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Ajitgarh, Punjab
  • P.E.S's Modern College of Engineering, Pune
  • Government Women Engineering College, Ajmer
  • Gargi Memorial Institute of Technology, Kolakata
  • JIS College of Engineering, Kolkata
  • Vignan Institute of Technology and Management
  • Trident Academy Of Technology, Bhubaneswar
  • VNR Vignana Jyothi Institute of Engineering and Technology, Secunderabad, Telangana

Students from following colleges participated in Mock Tests - 2018.

  • NIT Silchar
  • Techno India College Of Technology
  • Techno India, Saltlake
  • Netaji Subhash Engineering College
  • BP Poddar Institute Of Management And Technology
  • Meghnad Saha Institute Of Technology
  • MCKV Institute Of Engineering
  • Supreme Knowledge Foundation Group of Institutions
  • Aliah University
  • Techno India, Batanagar
  • Asansol Engineering College
  • Neotia Institute Of Technology, Management & Science
  • Siliguri Institute Of Technology
  • Jadavpur University
  • Future Institute Of Engineering And Management
  • Adamas Institute Of Technology
  • Abacus Institute Of Engineering & Management
  • Dr. C.V.Raman University, Bilaspur
  • NIT Manipur
  • Budge Budge Institue of Technology
  • Jalpaiguri Govt. Engg College
  • St. Xavier's, Ranchi
  • CIMAGE College, Patna
  • Bengal College of Engineering and Technology
  • AEC, Assam
  • Jaipur Engineering College & Research Centre
  • University of Engineering & Management, Jaipur
  • Q. What is the fees for the test series ?

    Ans. The test is completely free of cost.

  • Q. Who can take this test?

    Ans. Anyone who wants to improve his/her aptitude skills.

  • Q. What will be the mode of taking test?

    Ans. The test will be online and can be taken from anywhere

  • Q. Can I have access to the test anytime during the day?

    Ans. No, the link for the test will only be active during the mentioned time.

  • Q. What type of questions would be there in this mock test?

    Ans. The first test would contain basic question of aptitude and the difficulty level would increase in the progressive manner in the following two tests. Same would be with the other three subjects.

  • Q. What will happen if I could not clear any exam?

    Ans. Since it is a practice test, you would be able to proceed to take the next test. But do not forget to work on your weaknesses.

  1. Mock Tests are free of cost. Any B.E., B.Tech., M.Tech, M.E., BCA & MCA Candidate (PAN India) can participate in this program. Kreeti is not going to charge anything for this program, neither from the students & colleges nor the Companies. Kreeti will also not pay any money to the students for their participation in this program.

  2. Colleges who have sent consent to Kreeti are described as associated colleges and names of students belonging to those colleges will be shown on the leaderboard if they score more than cutoff marks. These students will be provided with a merit certificate via email.

  3. Certificates issued can be verified on Kreeti website by a unique identification code present on the certificates.

  4. Students from non associated colleges can appear in these mock tests but their name neither will be published in the leaderboard nor shared with associated companies even if he/ she has scored more than the cutoff marks. These students will not get any merit certificate even if they score more than cutoff marks.

  5. Kreeti Technologies will be publishing the name of the student (2020 passouts only) in the leaderboard only after college verification (like Name, Branch & other details). If an associate college does not verify particular student/ students name in that case that particular student/ students name will not be published on the leaderboard.

  6. Students participating in the mock tests are requested to retain their same email id in all the mock tests conducted by Kreeti Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

  7. These mock tests are designed by Kreeti Technologies Pvt. Ltd. for the benefit of students and do not guarantee any admission in the interview rounds of Kreeti.

  8. Kreeti will provide the details of the students who have secured a valid position in the leaderboard to the associates' companies.

    Students Details (who have secured a position in the leaderboard) will be shared with the associate Companies. But Kreeti will not be held responsible nor interfere in the following :

    • To invite any candidate for the interview will be within full right and sole discretion of the associate companies.

    • The selection process or interview of the associate companies.

    • The company does not select the candidates after interview or selection process.

    • Discussions on CTC, working days, working hour, working domain, company's policies & location etc between Candidature and Company, Kreeti plays no role in it.

  9. A student can appear for these Mock Tests from anywhere as it will be conducted online as per schedule.

  10. Kreeti will have full right and sole discretion so as to Modify, Cancel, Terminate, or Postpone the Mock Tests or this program.

  11. Kreeti will have full right and sole discretion to decide on cutoff marks for every Mock Test.