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Online Mock-Test for Engineering/MCA Students 2021-2022

  • Q. What is the fees for the test series ?

    Ans. The test is completely free of cost.

  • Q. Who can take this test?

    Ans. Anyone who wants to improve his/her aptitude skills.

  • Q. What will be the mode of taking test?

    Ans. The test will be online and can be taken from anywhere

  • Q. Can I have access to the test anytime during the day?

    Ans. No, the link for the test will only be active during the mentioned time.

  • Q. What type of questions would be there in this mock test?

    Ans. The first test would contain basic question of aptitude and the difficulty level would increase in the progressive manner in the following two tests. Same would be with the other three subjects.

  • Q. What will happen if I could not clear any exam?

    Ans. Since it is a practice test, you would be able to proceed to take the next test. But do not forget to work on your weaknesses.